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As an environmental pollution control and energy chemical service provider, POLYMER provides high quality and innovative services and solutions. For waste incineration power plants, we can solve a number of problems for you.

- Membrane system frequent purging, High maintenance cost

- Fly ash treatment failling to meet landfill standards

- Bad working environment

- Under “Not-In-My-Back-Yard” pressure of odor

- Boiler coking, equipment damage

1. Odor Control System Solution

With improving environmental standards, the government strictly monitors and controls odors from waste incineration power plants. POLYMER for solving odor provides innovative POLYTE® Sorb products, with the intelligence and dosing system and spraying system, which solve the surrounding residents complaints for waste incineration power plants, and reduce NIMBY influence for the waste industry.

- Deodorization of plant essential oils, pure natural extraction, certification by international authorities.

The POLYTE® Sorb series are made from pure natural plant extracts and have been tested on animals, plants and humans. The report on the test of skin irritation and oral toxicity issued was obtained. The US Food and Drug Administration has determined that series products reached an edible level, skin friendly, environmentally friendly, did not cause secondary pollution.

- With 10μm particle size atomization system, odor removal rate is up to 90%+. 

The POLYTE® Sorb dosing spray system using the world's most advanced technology produces 10 micron particle sizes, and effectively saves cost.

- Unique patented technology and the treatment effect fully meet  standards.

The treatment effect fully meets the GB16297-1996 "air pollutant release standard" secondary standard and GB 14554-1993"Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants" secondary standard by applying POLYTE® Sorb odor control technology, and no sensory odor after treatment.

2. Customized Fly Ash Processing Solutions

Different waste incineration power plants have different gray matter of fly ash. POLYMER provides a complete set of testing service processes, containning impact analysis in the waste incineration process, sampling, testing, and customizing pharmaceutical formulations for customers. We ultimately make fly ash meets the standards for landfill and solidification through a series of operating standards. There are average 50 years holding time for stabilization in fly ash industry, POLYMER ash chelating agents can acheve a hundred stabilizing effect, reduce the secondary pollution to groundwater and surrounding environment for a longer period of time.

- Process analysis, sampling analysis, and providing customized solutions. 

POLYMER has a complete process analysis and fly ash detection service process. POLYMER provides customized solutions for different customers through analysis of waste incineration process each link and mass sampling analysis.

- Patented technology, leading the curing stabilization effect of the same industry. 

Patented technology is ahead of the curing and stabilizing effect of the same industry. POLYMER fly ash chelating agent can make fly ash solidify and stabilize for 100 years, and reduce the pollution of groundwater and surrounding environment for a longer period.

- Safe landfills, the treatment effect fully meets the standards.

After sequestration, the heavy metal content in the fly ash reaches the landfill standard of GB 16889 2008 “Standard for Pollution Control on the Landfill Site of Municipal Solid Waste”. The chelate compound is stable, non- resolved and free of secondary pollution.

3. Provide Operation Optimization Scheme of Boiler

Because of the complex composition of garbage, coking occurs during boiler operation. The boiler coking leads to the reduction of boiler thermal efficiency, even causes serious production accident. POLYMER for boiler coking problems, with professional analytical researcher for regular analysis of coking and ash samples, real-time adjustment program, ensures safe and stable the boiler operation.

- Improve the boiler system output, provide clearing and suppressing coke solution. 

POLYTE decoking agents can greatly increase the waste melting point, suppress the boiler coking. As the release of the active substance during the chemical reaction, resulting in micro-explosion, decoking agents remove the existing coke. POLYTE decoking agents are certified by the authority containning no heavy metal components, do not affect the calorific value of the waste and have no side effects on the boiler system at all.

- Reduce the exhaust temperature, remove coking gently and thoroughly. 

The defocusing process does not require downtime, and the decoking process is gentle and thorough, effectively solves various safety production problems caused by boiler coking.

- Professional dosing equipment, unique patent technology. 

For the complex production process of waste incineration power plants boilers, POLYMER provides professional dosing equipment, and the unique patented technology can realize the simplification and refinement the dosing process.

4. Desalination preparation system optimum plan

The process of water and concentrated water recycling to improve water resource utilization in some waste incineration power plants, gradually increase the pressure of the filtration system, and highlight scaling, fouling and other problems.  The pressure of filtration system increases gradually, and the problems of scaling and pollution plugging become more and more prominent. POLYMER ensures the efficient operation of water production system by chemical method, and provides high quality water source for the later sequence process.

- Customized water analysis services.

According to the water characteristics, we customize the analysis of scaling ion concentration.

- Professional software, optimized program. 

The professional software can calculate the most economical dosage based on the water characteristic.

- Multi-effect combination sterilization. 

The combination of impact and continuous sterilization, and multi-system bactericidal products, which can ensure the membrane surface clean, provide high quality water.

- Customized cleaning solutions.

For different systems, we provide targeted cleaning service solutions to efficiently and quickly solve membrane fouling. 

In the overall business environment of waste incineration power plants, POLYMER provides professional and high-quality consulting services and innovative boiler decoking products provide solutions for customers. The establishment of the innovation department-Energy Conservation Control Division, to provide professional boiler coking consulting and solutions for specific waste incineration power plant customers.

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