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Wind energy is one of the important green energy sources. It’s safe, clean and continuous power generation form breeds huge energy resources, especially in plateau, cold regions and mountain tops. Wind power resources are particularly abundant. However, due to the relatively high air humidity of wind farms in high altitude areas, when the water vapor contained in the cold humid air, freezing rain, ice and snow in the air reaches the temperature of 0℃or below, these water molecular particles will form ice crystals and adhere to the blade surface of the unit, the anemometer and the wind vane, forming a serious icing, affecting the operation of the fan blades.

Main hazards of wind blade icing

1- reduce fan performance

The unbalanced rotation of the fan blade caused by icing will increase the load of the main components of the fan foundation (hub, main shaft, coupling, gearbox, generator, tower, tower, etc.) and the blade, and seriously reduce its service life and performance.

2- causing economic losses

After the wind blades are covered with ice, not only the efficiency of the wind turbine is reduced, but also the power generation capacity of the wind turbine is directly affected; At the same time, the load of the wind turbine is increased, the components are overloaded or damaged, and the maintenance cost is significantly increased.

3- potential safety hazard

The ice will fall off naturally when the temperature warms up or when the blade rotates, which is easy to form a safety hazard.

Deicing technology of wind turbine blades

At present, in addition to manual and mechanical deicing, the common deicing technologies of fan blade units include blade coating deicing, heating deicing, spraying chemical deicing, etc. POLYMER’s wind turbine blade deicing technology is an environmental friendly chemical deicing agent, which is sprayed on the frozen part of the blade. It can not only quickly melt the ice and deice, but also inhibit the icing to a certain extent.

1- suitable for different low temperature environments

It is applicable to products in low temperature environment in the North (about minus 40℃) and products in low temperature environment in the South (about minus 10℃).

2- no corrosion

The product does not contain heavy metal and salt, and will not corrode the metal during use.

3- good compatibility of blade coating materials

The product has good compatibility with polyurethane, fluorocarbon resin, polypropylene ester and other materials on the blade coating, and will not cause cracking, cracking and erosion of the blade material and coating, and will not discolor, fade and dye.

4- biodegradable, environmentally friendly

The product is formulated with biodegradable ingredients, with low toxicity, no soil salinization, and friendly to the environment.

5- non-toxic to aquatic organisms

The product has been tested by an authoritative third-party organization, and the toxicity to aquatic organisms shows that it is actually non-toxic.

Deicing methods

1-Fixed jet deicing

Several high-pressure spray heads are installed at a certain height on the outer wall of the fan tower to spray and deice the icing blades entering the spray range.

2-Mobile jet deicing

The wall climbing robot is used to carry customized spray heads and high-pressure pipelines. After climbing to the height of deicing operation, the deicing agent is sprayed onto the blade surface through the high-pressure jet flow station for deicing.

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