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Serious dust pollution in construction sites and municipal roads is caused by not in time clean and transport of construction waste, non-effectively covered of construction waste, large number of exposed muck, vehicle without dust prevention, and not in time road mechanization washing and cleaning by sanitation department.  In the process of waste transportation, transfer and landfill, it is easy to cause odor leakage, dripping during transportation and bacterial pollution, etc., which is easy to produce odor, dust, secondary pollution, and seriously endanger the health of surrounding residents. POLYMER has been dedicated to providing high-quality services and innovative products for environmental governance, and has continuously become a representative enterprise in the industry. POLYMER can achieve the following items in municipal solid waste control:

- Eliminate stench to realize fresh environment

- Restrain municipal dust and Build livable city

- Decrease cost and increase efficiency by the utilization of soilless cover

- Purify leachate to protect water safety

1. Odor Control System Solution

Odor can easily produce from municipal solid waste as its complex and diverse of structure components. POLYMER provide innovative POLYTE® Sorb series products for different odors, cooperate with professional spraying equipments to solve odor issue and lead to zero residents complaint.

- Use natural extracts of plant essential oils to remove odor, which has been certified by international authority. 

The POLYTE® Sorb series are made from pure natural plant extracts and have been tested on animals, plants and humans. The report on the test of skin irritation and oral toxicity issued by China CDC was obtained. The US Food and Drug Administration has determined that series products reached an edible level, skin friendly, environmentally friendly, did not cause secondary pollution.

- Reduces 30% pharmaceuticals use by industry-led dosing system.

The POLYTE® Sorb dosing spray system using advanced technology to produces 10 micron particle and achieve cost saving effectively for users.

- The processing effect meets the national standards.

The processing effect meetsThe Integrated Emission Standard of Air PollutantsGB16297-1996、《Emission standard for odorous pollutantsGB 14554-1993 by apply POLYTE® Sorb and no sensory odor after that.

2.Dust Control Solutions

Dust from roads, construction sites and other municipal sites are one of the main causes of air pollution. The efficiency of POLYMER special dust suppression control agent can reach more than 90% or above compared with the use of water sprinkler, effectively protect and improve air quality.

- The products are tested by national authorities with safe and efficient.

POLYTE® series dust control agent products are tested including acute oral toxicity, skin irritation and heavy metals, which are safe, efficient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, no secondary pollution to environment.

- Significantly reducing PM2.5/10 by controlling 1~200μm particle size dust.

POLYTE® RD series can quickly penetrate, capture, and adsorb particulate dust, rapidly reduce dust, and achieve long-lasting moisturization, which significantly reduce PM2.5/10 and improve the achievements of environmental governance.

- Better dust suppression effect by use professional and diverse spraying equipment.

POLYTE® RD series spray equipment meet the needs of different dust suppression spray occasions. The atomized water particles are 20-200μm, which can achieve energy saving while long-lasting moisturizes.

3. Garbage Soilless Coverage Solution

Surface covering is required after pushed and compacted the landfill, which separates the waste from the outside to prevent secondary pollution and completely eliminate continuous pollution. POLYTE® Cover series can achieve odor isolation, waterproof, dustproof, beautifying effects, extending the service life of landfills, reducing operating management costs and protecting the surrounding environment.

- Landfill space saving.

The average cover thickness is only 0.5cm, which is less than 5% of the soil cover, can significantly improve the service life of the landfill.

- Persistence.

POLYTE® Cover series can be used in rainy days with long-lasting effect and strong adhesion. The cover effect lasts for 3-6 months which is ideal for long-term coverage.

- Environmental friendly and easy to degrade product lead to cost saving.

Use innovative application technology, environmentally friendly, skin friendly, non-toxic, no odor, easy to degrade, no secondary pollution, and the cost only 50% of the traditional coverage cost.

- Effectively odor controlled.

It suppresses odor, prevents mosquito and fly breeding, effectively controls foul odor, and eliminates dust pollution caused by soil cover. 

4. Leachate Solution

The UF system and the DTRO system are easily scaled and difficult cleaned with large amount of leachate cannot be treated, and the water discharge rate is low, which increases operating costs; the Solution ensures the efficient operation of the water system through chemical means and provides a high-quality water source for the process.

- Comprehensive services for leachate water quality analysis.

The complexity composition of landfill leachate requires full aspect analysis of landfill leachate characteristics and the scale factor.

- New high-efficiency scale inhibitor.

Suitable for high alkali, high silicon, high hardness water quality, effective control of silicon scale, carbonate, sulfate and phosphate scale, non-toxic, efficient, fast degradation, environmentally friendly, no secondary pollution.

- Multi-effect combination sterilization.

The combination of impact and continuous sterilization, multi-system sterilization products ensures that the film surface is clean and provides high quality water production.

- Customized cleaning solutions.

For different systems, POLYMER provides targeted cleaning service solutions to efficiently and quickly solve film fouling, extend equipment life and reduce system operating costs.

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