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The water requirement of the electronics industry is very strict as precision components need to be cleaned or cooled with water during manufacturing. The higher integration the narrower of the line lead to the higher requirement of water quality. The water should not contain any conductive substances otherwise will damage the component and lead to the increase of COPQ. As a comprehensive provider of environmental pollution control and energy chemicals, POLYMER has been committed to providing innovative and comprehensive water production process solutions for the electronics industry. For the stringent water standards of the electronics industry, POLYMER solves three major problems for customers:

- High water quality requirement, PPB level ion concentration

- Large management pressure due to multi-tasking

- Sterile production, near zero colony water sources

1. Ultrapure Water Manufacturing System Optimization Scheme

Use innovative technology for the effective control of bacteria and microorganisms in water to achieve water system protection and efficient operation to provide high-quality water for the downstream processes.

- Comprehensive water quality analysis service. 

Full aspects water quality characteristics analysis to judge scale factor according to the characteristics of regional water quality.

- Professional software and optimized solutions. 

Calculate the most economical pharmaceutical dosage according to the water quality characteristics by the utilization of professional calculation software to reduce production cost.

- Authoritative safety certification of Product. 

TRISPE series scale inhibitors have RoHS certification for ultrapure water industry; food grade FDA certification; hygiene permit for water relate products issued by the health department; safety report issued by CDC (toxicity experiment report, micronucleus testing for polychromatic erythrocytes of bone marrow in mice, Ames test, heavy metal content, etc.).

- Multi-effect combination sterilization.

The combined use of impact and continuous sterilization and multi-system sterilization products provide high efficiency, broad spectrum, fast and lasting effect and strong penetration to ensure surface clearance of film and providing high quality water production.

- Technical support service system. 

Provide 24 hours technical service throughout technical service system.

- Water stewardship. 

Providing system improvement scheme, regular customer visits, and consulting services to enterprises with different perspectives on equipment management and service experience as a high-quality water stewardship.

- High concentration ratio products.

Product dosing concentration is 10% of the conventional products which lead to 90% saving of the transportation and storage costs and reduce the on-site manual labor load. Concentrated water has low chemical emissions and is more environmentally friendly.

- Comprehensive diagnosis and professional solutions. 

POLYMER offers a full-process and full-featured diagnostic service with an experienced team of engineers and advanced analytical tools to provide a comprehensive, professional, customized and customized solution.

POLYMER and POLYMER’s authorized agents build a complete technical service system, quick response to on-site issues within 12 hours. Regular customer visits, consulting services, customer data archiving, providing customers with different perspectives on equipment management and service experience.

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