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As an environmental pollution control and energy chemical service provider, POLYMER provides innovative and economical environmental management solutions for the global paper industry. For the clean production, energy saving of paper industry, we can solve a number of problems for you:

- High water consumption, low recycling efficiency

- Plagued by “NIMBY”

- Film system fouling and clogging required high frequency purging cause high maintenance cost

1. Odor Control System Solution

Due to the utilization of special chemicals to treat papermaking raw materials in pulping and papermaking processes, the odor affects the surrounding residents, and the papermaking factory is plagued by the NIMNY. POLYMER provides innovative POLYTE® Sorb products for treating the odor from the waste cooking pipe, cooking workshop, sewage tank, photo-oxidation catalytic workshop and sludge workshop. The solution utilize with intelligent spray equipment can eliminate the odor, enhance the corporate image and guarantee the healthy life of the staff and surrounding residents.

- Use natural extracts of plant essential oils to remove odor, which has been certified by international authority. 

The POLYTE® Sorb series are made from pure natural plant extracts and have been tested on animals, plants and humans. The report on the test of skin irritation and oral toxicity issued was obtained. The US Food and Drug Administration has determined that series products reached an edible level, skin friendly, environmentally friendly, did not cause secondary pollution.

- With 10μm particle size atomization system, odor removal rate is up to 90%+.

The POLYTE® Sorb dosing spray system using the world's most advanced technology to produces 10 micron particle and achieve cost saving effectively for users.

- Eliminate odor and exceed safe discharge standard.

The processing effect fully meets the GB16297-1996 "air pollutant release standard" secondary standard and GB 14554-1993 "Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants"  secondary standard by applying POLYTE® Sorb odor control technology and no sensory odor after.

2. Desalination preparation system optimum plan

Improving the utilization of water resources is one of the factory energy saving means but also caused the increases of filtration system pressure and lead to frequently occur of scaling, fouling and other problems. POLYMER ensures water system operates efficiently and provides a high quality water source for the subsequent process through chemical method.

- Water quality analysis customized service. 

It adapts to various types of water sources in China, has superior water quality compatibility, and customizes the analysis of scale ion concentration in water.

- Provide the best solution through professional dosing software. 

The most economical dosage is calculated based on the water quality characteristics through professional calculation software.

- Multi-effect combination sterilization. 

The utilization of combination of impact and continuous sterilization, multi-system sterilization products ensure the film surface is clean and provide high quality water production.

- Customized cleaning solution.

For different systems, we provide targeting cleaning service solutions to efficiently and quickly solve film fouling. 

3. Solution of Zero Discharge Film System for Waste Water

Paper factory use a lot of water and the water usage is different due to production processes and paper type. Papermaking produce large amount of wastewater with complicated water quality, high toxicity, high treatment difficulty which resulting in low recycling rate of wastewater and difficulty of reverse osmosis system operation. POLYMER develops exclusive dosage calculation software based on the wastewater characteristics to provide safe and efficient scale inhibitor, which ensure the operation efficiency of water system and provides high-quality water source for downstream processes, improves wastewater recycling, and realizes zero discharge.

- Automatic monitoring.

The remote monitoring system can provide real-time online detection, remote alarm, service report, and pre-warning mechanism.

- Agentia services.

Preventing system fouling, reducing influent SDI, filming system cleaning, and controlling microbial contamination. 

- Technical services.

Cleaning services, general services, emergency services, system troubleshooting, and operational optimization. 

- Value-added services.

Professional technical training, comprehensive water quality analysis, film anatomy, quantitative/qualitative analysis of pollutants, offline cleaning services.

4. Circulating Cooling Water System Solutions

With the raised of energy conservation and emission reduction targets, papermaking factory use the circulation of water to achieve cost reduction and incremental of efficiency. POLYMER developed the unique water circulating chemical product line, which can optimize system performance, comprehensive analysis water quality, and provided professional solutions.

- Provide professional solution through comprehensive analysis. 

POLYMER offers full-process and full-featured diagnostic service with an experienced team of engineers and advanced analytical tools to provide a comprehensive, professional, personalization and customization solution.

- Intelligent on-line monitoring system for safety and economical.

The real-time online monitoring system comprehensively detects the system operation status, timely discovers hidden dangers, and accurately and stably controls the dosing to achieve perfect integration of effects and benefits.

- Further operating costs reduction by electric descaling system.

The electric descaling system provided by POLYMER uses the principle of electrolysis to extract ions that may cause corrosion and scaling of the system to the outside of the system, avoiding system fouling and corrosion, and greatly reducing the cost of using the drug.

In the overall business environment of paper industry, POLYMER provides professional and high-quality consulting services and innovative boiler decoking products provide solutions for customers. The establishment of innovation department - Energy Conservation Control Division is to provide professional boiler coking consulting and solutions for specific paper industry customers.

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