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  • 2018

    Polymer Technology (H.K.) Co., Ltd. business model was reorganized to focus on three major business segments: Flue Gas Treatment, Industrial Water Treatment and Environmental Governance in 2018 to ...

  • 2016

    In 2016, Polymer Technology (H.K.) Co., Ltd. established offices in major cities of China to form a nationwide service network.

  • 2012-2016

    In 2012-2016, Polymer Technology (H.K.) Co., Ltd. strategically transformed from a special chemical supplier to an environmental pollution control and energy chemicals comprehensive service company.

  • 2008

    In 2008, Polymer Technology (TianJin) Chemical Co., Ltd. was established and became the production and supply base of special chemicals in the Asia Pacific region.

  • 2007

    In 2007, Polymer Technology (H.K.) Beijing Representative Office was established to take overall responsibility for chemical services across the Asia Pacific region.

  • 2005

    In 2005, Polymer Technology (H.K.) Co., Ltd. was established in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong as property chain providers and service providers of the Asia Pacific region.

  • 2000

    Polymer technology has officially entered China as a supplier and service of the material chain in mainland China

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