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As a comprehensive service provider of environmental pollution control and energy chemicals, POLYMER has been committed to providing innovative and comprehensive environmental management solutions for iron and steel industry. For the clean production and energy saving of iron and steel industry, POLYMER solves five major problems for customers:

- Poor quality desulfurizer, high sulfur content of fire coal

- High power consumption, serious foaming proble

- Serious scaling of desulfurization system.

- Fouling, clogging and corrosion in circulating cooling water system

- Harmful to health due to dust pollution

1. Dust Control Solutions

In the process of stacking, transportation and use of raw materials, steel factory generate a large amount of unorganized dust. POLYMER uses green environmental protection dust suppressant products and professional dust suppression equipment to solve the dust problem for customers.

- Customized solutions. 

POLYMER will provide professional solutions for different occasions, different types of dust, different levels of pollution, different environmental characteristics, etc.

- Authoritative organization safety certification. 

POLYMER dust suppressants have been tested by the “Acute Skin Irritation Test” , “Acute Oral Toxicity Test” and “Heavy Metal Lead, Mercury, Arsenic” tests certified by the Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

- Special supporting equipment to reduce the operation cost of user.

For different occasions, POLYMER will provide customized equipment matching solutions, combined with cloud intelligent control system, automatically adjust parameters, effectively control dust, and maximize energy consumption

2. Operation optimization scheme of the desulfurization system

The SO2 emission standard defined in GB 28662-2012 "Emission standard of air pollutants for sintering and pelletizing of iron and steel industry" is reduced from 200mg/Nm 3 to 50 mg/Nm3, the raw material of iron and steel industry such as mineral, Mineral powder and pulverized coal vary greatly and increase operating pressure. POLYMER provides professional solutions for the difficult problems in the operation of steel plant desulfurization system, so that the desulfurization system is safe and stable, the desulfurization efficiency is obviously improved, and SO2 discharged meet national standard.

- Comprehensive solutions to ensure safe production.

Provide a total solution for foaming overflow of the system, nozzle fouling and desulfurization system operating pressure or even exceed the standard discharge to ensure safe production.

- Energy saving, customized solutions. 

The desulfurization system has high power consumption, and POLYMER provides customized solutions to effectively reduce the power consumption rate of the desulfurization system by more than 0.15%.

- Professional testing services, telephone consulting services.

POLYMER has more than 30 years of technical experience in the desulfurization industry. The R&D center has a full range of R&D testing instruments. POLYMER provides professional knowledge sharing platform, sample testing analysis and telephone consultation. 

3. Operation Optimization Scheme for Reuse Demineralization and Grey Water Preparation System

POLYMER’s unique film pretreatment products can significantly reduce the film performance loss due to membrane fouling, optimization of film recovery, extended film cleaning cycle; Provide users with an economical and safe dosing scheme through professional computing software according to water quality. POLYMER's pretreatment products and rich service experience optimize system operation.

- Customized water quality analysis service.

Adapt to various types of water sources, have superior water quality compatibility and customize the analysis of scale ion concentration in water.

- Professional software and optimized scheme.

Calculate the most economical pharmaceutical dosage according to water quality characteristics through professional calculation software.

- Multi-effect combination sterilization.

Combination of impact and continuous sterilization, multi-system sterilization products to ensure the film surface is clean and provide high quality water production.

4. Circulating Cooling Water System Solutions

The POLYMER Circulating Water System solution solves corrosion, scaling and microbial growth problems through chemical methods to improve heat transfer efficiency, saving energy and extending equipment life. POLYMER is a comprehensive service provider for circulating cooling water systems, offering the following professional solutions.

- Comprehensive analysis, professional solutions.

With an experienced team of engineers and advanced analytical tools, POLYMER offers a full-process, all-factor diagnostics solution that provides a professional, personalized and customized integrated solution.

- Safety and economy intelligent online monitoring system.

On time detection of hidden dangers, accurate and stable dosing control, achieving perfect integration of effects and benefits through real-time online monitoring system and comprehensive monitoring of system operation status.

- Electric descaling system to further reduce operation cost.

The electric descaling system provided by POLYMER uses the principle of electrolysis to extract ions that may cause corrosion and scaling of the system to the outside of the system to avoid fouling and corrosion of the system and greatly reducing the use cost of agent.

POLYMER and POLYMER’s authorized agents build a complete technical service system, quick response to on-site issues within 12 hours. Regular customer visits, consulting services, customer data archiving, providing customers with different perspectives on equipment management and service experience.

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