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Hard Work in Summer

time: 2019-07-11

In the hot summer, POLYMER technical team, not afraid of hard work in the field. It is very proud to have such a team.

POLYMER's Water Care is realized in combination with chemical methods (cleaning agent, pre-film agent, corrosion and scale inhibitor, bactericide, dispersant, slime stripping agent), so as to realize intelligent dosing, failure warning and system operation visualization, so as to realize chemical saving, extend equipment life and improve management efficiency.

POLYMER's Desulfurization synergist can disperse and promote the dissolution of limestone, speed up the reaction, and improve the desulfurization efficiency of 2~3%, quickly reduce the export SO2 concentration of 30%~50%.

POLYTE® SD100 series dust control agent can be evenly sprayed on the surface of coal through equipment, which can quickly capture and adsorb particulate dust and form a solid layer on the surface of coal seam, which can not only inhibit coal dust flying, but also effectively retard oxygen flame retardant.

POLYTE®30A boiler decoke agent controls coking, deposition, and corrosion on the fire side to promote coal combustion, expand combustion volume, and improve thermal efficiency.

POLYMER's new soilless covering technology, breaks traditions and opens up new ways for garbage cover.

POLYMER's Dust Inhibitors are evenly sprayed on the surface of waste rocks by special equipment, and then a solid layer is formed, so as to achieve the purpose of suppressing dust.

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