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Where Did The Odor Go In Waste Incineration Power Plant

time: 2019-08-27

It can swallow 500,000 tons of garbage every year

thousands of tones every day

Provides energy at the same time. 


This is the waste incineration power technology, developed in the end of 19 century, uses special incineration boiler to burn solid garbage, and use steam turbine generator to generate power. It achieves the rational use of waste and science, turning trash into gold. 

So many garbage how come it doesn’t stink.

I will take you to a waste incineration power plant of Shanghai Environment and find out where what happened to the oder.  

It’s understood that the waste incineration power plant of Shanghai Environment was located in the suburb area of Shanghai, its floor area is 13 Hectares. One round could dispose around 2000tones per day, annual disposal rate is 67,000 tons, annual power generated is over 200 millions degrees.    

When So many garbage how come it doesn’t stink.
Garbage gets transport to the power plant, it couldn’t get incinerated yet. After metering, it is poured into a garbage storage pit, and after being dehydrated and fermented (about 4 days), it will be sent to the incinerator. During this period, stench will occur, and in order to prevent odors, the unloading hall will be fully enclosed. When the incinerator is in normal operation, the air in the garbage pool is extracted by a fan, so that the interior of the garbage storage bin is in the state of micro-negative pressure. The odor is collected, and discharged after centralised treatment.

The site uses negative pressure collection for each area that generates odor, organised discharge, and the chimney discharge height is 15 cm. Install an atomising nozzle on the inlet duct of the odor collecting pipeline, and use a high-pressure atomising device for every 10 atomising nozzles. Dilute POLYMER odor control agent POLYTE® Sorb 909A 120~150 times,  spray in to the exhaust pipe in-order to deodorise,  The odor concentration is reduced from 4000 to 500. Far below the Shanghai odor emission standard (Shanghai organised odor concentration is 1000), completely solve the problem of odor pollution. 

POLYTE® Sorb 909A is mixed with a series of natural ingredients, these natural ingredients are form forests, grass and plant modified and compounded to make it highly reactive. Plant liquid after the atomised forms tiny plant droplets, the odor molecules and the plant liquid molecules are in contact with each other and chemical reaction is eliminated.

1-POLYTE® Sorb 909A has a broad spectrum of absorption and removal of different gas components, especially for the removal of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans.

2-POLYTE® Sorb 909A is extremely safe and has been tested by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, including:

Acute skin irritation test results in rabbits are non-irritating

The results of acute oral toxicity test on mice are practically non-toxic

Non-corrosive and will not affect any existing deodorizing equipment (such as spray towers)

The hero is odor control agent that killed the stinky smell

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