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Applications of POLYMER Advanced Soilless Cover Technology

time: 2019-05-22

Do you throw trash everyday? The answer must be yes. 

But when you hear landfill, you must be thinking of mountains of garbage, stinky air, flies and filthy water. 

Land fills had already became our worst nightmare.

Landfills are the most common way of trash disposal, it includes choosing the location, design regulations, operation, close up, maintenance, waste control etc… so landfills should look like this: 

In the process of landfill, soil covering and membrane covering. Soil covering requires a lot of space, and membrane covering has high labor cost and cause secondary pollution. The revolutionary soilless covering technology developed by POLYMER will create a new path for landfill technology.



Daily covering series: POLYTE® Cover1000, mixes proportionally with Cover F、Cover B、Cover C, satisfy landfills that use daily covering as their management method. Can last for 1-6 weeks; 

Medium term covering series: POLYTE® Cover2000, mixes proportionally with SD102、Cover F、Cover B、Cover C, satisfy landfills that use medium term covering as their management method, can last for 3-6 month.


A landfill in Anshan, Liaoning

Coastal city domestic waste landfill, a daily landfill volume of 600t. The slope of garbage couldn’t be covered with soil or membrane. The use of POLYTE® Cover1000, solved the problem efficiently. 

Staffworking time reduced by more than 75%

Annual saving in landfill storage: 800,000m

Annual saving in diesel more than 12000

Increased the life of Landfill by 3 years. 

A landfill in Dandong, Liaoning

This landfill is an area around 10000 square meters and a slope angle of>45 which makes covering a very hard process. The operation uses 3 m2 stationary device, placed on top of the heap and an external 100m construction pipe lead by the staff to spay POLYTE® Cover2000. The project was completed in 2 days, a tough protective layer was formed. It effectively prevents flying garbage and control the odor. 

A landfill in Yueyang 

This landfill had been using soil covering Since the start of the operation. This method uses a lot of soil resources and it is inefficient in raining seasons. To change this, by using the POLYMER soilless covering technology will save 20% more filling capacity, extend the landfill’s life; at the same time the cover will prevent insects, dust, seepage, fire and improve the surrounded air quality. 

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