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Clear Water to Escargots

time: 2019-06-17

A crystal clear stream flows around the guiding village all the year around. On both sides of the stream, there are several weeping willows, the long soft willows fluttering in the wind. Graceful dance, is so beautiful, so natural. There were two or three very long branches that hung over the water with shimmering ripples. When the water bird stands on its waist to sing, the water also sings and gives out the pleasant sound. - cited by Xie Bingying.

We used to catch fish and escargots in the stream when we were children. Now this picture is only left in our childhood memories. Now you can see all kinds of sewage:

Rural water pollution problem, has become an integral part of the rural revitalization strategy, rural water pollution control is imminent. However, rural sewage treatment is faced with a series of problems, such as the complex topography of villages and towns, small scale of sewage treatment, lack of professional and technical personnel, weak economic capacity, and few applicable technologies to choose, which have not been developed rapidly.

POLYMER’s escargots, that is integrated sewage purification system, adopts advanced process of A/ o-MBR, controlled by PLC program, and can operate in two modes of full load and intermittent without any need for guarding. Not only save energy consumption, reduce operating costs, at the same time, the system transportation, installation quickly, covers a small area, no need to build factories, can perfect solve rural sewage treatment problems.

Water Escargots process flow:

Quality of incoming and outgoing water:

Equipment specification:

Project case:

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