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POLYMER helps mining companies control dust pollution

time: 2019-06-26

Gangue hill is the place where coal mine and coal preparation plant gather gangue centrally. The solid waste of gangue hill includes stripping gangue, coal roadway gangue, rock roadway gangue, hand-selected gangue, tailings of coal preparation plant, etc.

Coal is mined continuously and gangue are piled up into mountains. These gangue are easy to be weathered and oxidized, generating a lot of dust and causing serious pollution to the surrounding environment.

A gangue hill, an area of about 27,000 square meters, has been partially weathered, loess exposed. If it encounters windy weather, dust pollution is serious.

In such gangue hill, tree planting is not easy to survive, water spraying is short. POLYMER’s dust inhibitors bring new opportunities for dust treatment of gangue hill.

POLYMER’s dust inhibitors are water-soluble polymer composites with high affinity and adhesive properties. After the product is diluted, it is sprayed on the waste rock surface with special equipment. Then it bonds with dust particles to form a solid and durable curing layer, thus inhibiting dust emission.

The product has high safety, no toxic effects, no harm to soil and vegetation, and no secondary pollution

The solidified layer formed by dust particles has good stability, wind and rain resistance, uv resistance.

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