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The Story of Desulfurization Tower and Scale Inhibitor

time: 2019-08-05

First, look at the limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization process.

The biggest one above is the desulfurizer tower

It does a lot of work

Industrial processes release a lot of SO2, which is absorbed in the desulfurizer tower

Reaction Steps

So you don't have to worry about SO2 emissions

When you're relaxing

The desulfurization tower is covered with calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate, its tray and nozzle went out of action

The function of scale inhibitor is
1. Increase the solubility of scaling compounds
The organic acids and polyelectrolytes in the scale inhibitor disassociate in water, and form negatively charged molecular chains. The molecular chain and Ca2+, Mg2+ form stable complex, thereby increasing the solubility of CaSO4 in water.
2. Lattice distortion theory
CaSO4 crystallization is strictly in accordance with the order. The organic acids in the scale inhibitor will chelate with Ca2+, inhibiting the sequential growth of the lattice, making the lattice distorted and difficult to grow.
In addition, organic acid surface active agent molecules are involved in lattice growth, lattice dislocation, the formation of some holes, making the scale soft.
3. Electrostatic repulsion
Polyelectrolytes have strong adsorbability after ionizing in water. They will adsorb CaSO4 small crystal, dust, sediment, etc., and change the charge distribution on the particle surface to form a double electric layer, thus preventing the collision of CaSO4 small crystal to form a large crystal, and preventing the collision with the metal heat transfer surface to form a scale layer.
POLYTE® 507A is an excellent scale inhibitor and can be use in desulfurization tower system to prevent fouling.
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