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Secret of Defoaming

time: 2019-08-12

World of bubbles

It could be beautiful

It could be wild and passionate

Or it could be tasteful and benevolent

Most importantly, it could be life savers

Bust some times……Bubbles are like this:

They affect the productivity

They cause accidents

They contaminates the environment.


Leave if you love bubbles

Bubbles are made out of smaller bubbles. They are caused by the release a dispersed substance which are insoluble gasses in a liquid or solid.


Pure water and pure surfactant are non-foaming,

But there is the presence of surfactants in the solution, once the gas and liquid have contact,

at the same time, foaming is faster than Defoaming, then bubbles are created.

This picture below illustrate the creation of bubbles.


Under the action of gravity and surface tension drainage, the bubble’s liquid film will thin up, which cause the bubble to brake.

The drainage speed has to be controlled because the faster it goes, the harder the liquid film will be, and there will be more bubbles.

which is not what we want.

Physical methods

-Change the temperature so that the liquid evaporates or freezes

-Drastic change of pressure

-Centrifugal separation solution

-Ultrasonic vibration and filtration, etc

Chemical methods

-Add defoaming agent

-Change the pH

-Salting out

-Add a chemical reagent that reacts with a foaming agent

3-Add Defoamer (common defaming strategies)

This picture shows how defoamers work

 (silicone/polymer/Mineral oil type defoamer)

4-POLYMER Defoamer and usage

commonly used defoamer

Now, do you understand the secret of defoaming?

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