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Small Reagent, Large Effect— Thermal Power Plant Dust Solution

time: 2019-09-01

Picture goes first, this is an image of Fly ash field:

Fly ash might be a new term for many people, but we all familiar with thermal power plant. Fly ash is basically small particles created in the electric coal boiler when burning. It is a powder like subsistence. 

A thermal power plant will create 1 ton of fly ash by burning 4 tons of coal. Fly ash contains large amount of toxic material and heavy metal substances. If fly ash is not handled properly, it will mix fix air and pollute the atmosphere, and if it flows in to water, it will cause river blockage and pollute the water source.

In the current stage, fly ash have been utilised in man ways, for example, as concrete mixtures, but there are still many power plants that lack of peripheral industrial enterprises instead they have special ash field to stack the fly ash. In the process of stacking, the fly ash pile might not reach the set hight of the field, so air filter is required to prevent dusting. The truth is air filters are not the best choice for controlling fly ash.

1-Fly ash particles are very small and easy to drift.

2-Air filter is hard to use, no object is suited to hold the side, very easily blown away.

3-Exposed in rain and sun, air filter will age and damage very soon. 

4-Air filter overly used, material and high labor cost, poor outcome.

POLYTE® SD100 series developed by POLYMER are dust control agents used in fly ash fields. Spray on the surface of the fly ash pile after diluted, can penetrate, capture and absorb tiny particle rabidly. It forms a solid and long lasting coating at the top.

1-This mixture is highly soluble with water, it has strong adhesion, it sticks coal and ashes together.    

2-Highly stable, temperature resistance interval between-30℃~90℃, Ultraviolet light resistance, rain and wind resisted.

3-It is none corrosive, harmless to construction equipments and concrete frames.

4-High safety standards, no side effects, biochemical degradation, harmless to soil and plants, does not cause secondary pollution.

Anhui power plant has a 40 acres fly ash field. By suing the POLYTE®SD100 fly ash control agent developed by POLYMER, solidification was achieved at the top of the pile, prevented dusting. After the use of agent, there was a significant improvement at the top of the pile, a 8mm-10mm shield was formed. Highly recommend by the owner. 

POLYTE®SD100 series, small reagent, large effect, provides new idea for fly ash control.

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